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Jose Duran

Jose Duran was born in Mexico but raised in the heat of Arizona. He's a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Art Director. Jose has been passionately drawing his entire life and he loves all forms of art, but his favorite things to look at would have to be anything hand-lettered, and fine art. He's bit of a renaissance man when it comes to art as he really enjoys doing it all. From silly cartoons to painting portraits, when there's a pen in his hand, he's a happy man. Jose has been the invaluable artistic brain behind not just the Glorious Extracts brand but our former projects as well. We are happy to highlight him a few times this year as our monthly sticker artist.

Taylor Gladden, Taylor'd Webs

Taylor Gladden is a born + raised Arizonan. Her professional experience has been full of wearing many hats, which led her to find her true passion - web design. She has always had a love for all things creative, but being able to use that creativity + help fellow entrepreneurs grow their business is a dream come true. Taylor both builds websites from scratch + helps more developed businesses, like us, create an elevated customer experience.

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